Creating A Good Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

         Creating a cannabis-infused coconut oil is just as simple as steeping quality herb in a good quality oil.  There are machines are available to make cannabis-infused coconut oil but the infusion process can be done right on a stovetop or hot plate with the help of a double boiler. What You Will Need Double boiler (you can make one if you don’t own one) ¼ to ½ ounce of cannabis 1 cup of coc...[Read More]

Cannabis Edibles That Are Accepted In The Market

   There are plenty of states which are on their way to legalizing marijuana and the conversation surrounding this herb has been quite louder than usual lately. With legalization (both for recreational and medicinal purposes) has come a new wave of creativity in terms of one of weed’s most popular forms: edibles. While it may not surprise you that brownies remain one of the most popular marijuana-...[Read More]