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A Simple Cannabis Chocolate Recipe

   Do you want chocolate? Do you want weeds? Well… why not create a  recipe for some awesome chocolate weed! I’d like to start by saying that fortunately this recipe does not involve making chocolate form scratch. This is a very simple weed chocolate recipe and enables you to make your favourite chocolate and favourite marijuana strain into a single tasty ganja snack. Ingredients: R...[Read More]

Marijuna Hush Hash Brownies

      Creating pot brownies is quite simple. You can just use a boxed brownie mix, like included in the recipes below, or you could whip up your own. The key is to use a weed-infused fat like oil or butter. Don’t use raw weed. We were kidding about that. Take your time and make special brownies using cannabutter. You and your stomach will thank us later. Here is a basic recipe for making super awe...[Read More]